The Home of the Leper Colony

The Columbus Rugby Club is the premier men’s rugby club located in Columbus, Ohio. We are currently fielding two men’s sides, our Midwest Premiership Side – The Old Bombay Lepers and our Division 4 Side – the Black Holes of Calcutta. Yes, we have the most unique names in rugby today and proud of them!
We welcome all forms of players to the club, from seasoned professionals to someone brand new to the sport. Come out, learn the game and have fun! All are welcome!
Vision Statement for The Columbus Rugby Club: Together, we will strive to be the best rugby club in the United States.
Mission Statement: The team is focused on winning and through winning the promotion of our players upwards through the ranks of USA Rugby. The club will provide value for players, Old boys, family members, and friends through activities, events, philanthropic endeavours, and fundraisers that energize all our members. Our club will continuously build towards supporting the playing sides and player development, by providing the infrastructure and fundraising necessary to compete at the highest level in an ever-changing domestic rugby environment.

Thanks to our Sponsors